Summer Sun & Fun…

Besides perservering to land the “big one”, you can tour the rugged trails on your mountain bike, or take an invigorating 3 hour hike around the lake. There are so many backwoods trails to explore…

Closer to home… is a grand new playground for the little kids and horseshoes if you’d rather hang around the Lodge area. And remember to stop by the small animal farm: everything from bunnies and goats to chickens and ducks. Visit our miniature donkey, Bella and our miniature goat, Little Miss. Ask us about farm fresh eggs for sale (summers only) as you browse in our “general store”—souvenirs, candy for the little ones, basic groceries, ice, and just interesting things to look at!


Boat Rentals / Fishing Licenses

Aluminum Motor Boats$85$60N/A
Aluminum Row Boats$40$30N/A
Kayaks, Single or Double$40N/A$12
Paddle Boats$40N/A$10
* Half day is dawn to 1pm, or 1pm to dusk only.

Please note the following information: Buy your fishing licenses online starting at, with your credit card to avoid the long wait with a vendor. Please buy your fishing license ahead of time as our slow internet connection and busy office, especially during check-ins, will result in time consuming delays. Fishing licenses are available year-round (ice fishing too!).

Face Lake has real character: and we’ll be happy to recommend the fishing hot spots! Fly fish, troll or spin cast, whatever your fancy. Reel in one of our fighting 1-2 lb Kamloops rainbow trout—they’ve definitely got spirit!!! If you prefer to clean and eat them right away, you’re guaranteed good eating. Or if you’d rather savour the holiday catch for back home, we have freezer facilities.

Just want to explore the many coves of Face Lake? We rent canoes, kayaks, aluminum boats and motors, wooden row boats, and paddleboats. Get a closer look at the loons or the great blue herons nesting on the shores. One of the best ways to enjoy the lake is to rent a canoe… and quietly take in the awesome sunsets. The fish will begin rising and soon you’ll find fish jumping all around you! And if you’re an avid fisherman, take a day trip from the Lodge and explore a new “fishing hole”—there are many lakes to choose from! And remember, Face Lake fish don’t hibernate: ice fishing is a special feature.

Fish all day, everywhere… “Lakes of Fish” all within a half-hour trip—by foot, bike or truck. Rent a motor boat or bring your own, then cast to your heart’s content. Forget your tackle? We sell flies, spoons, worms, flatfish and anything else the fish’ll bite at! Don’t worry if you forgot to get your fishing license: we sell those, too.


Quad Rentals

Rent an ATV of your choice…… with Peter at Variable Rentals 1.250.573.6073 to pre-arrange, and book in advance for an ATV rental during your stay at Mile High. Peter has an assortment of machines & gear to make your choice customized for the family holiday.


A Photographer and Artist’s Paradise…

There is so much inspiration here for the creative person in you! Birds are regulars – whiskeyjacks, black-capped chickadees, brilliant stellar blue jays, evening grosbeaks, loons, bald eagles, and great blue herons. You can see a squirrel munching on a peanut on your front porch… or venture out for that elusive wildlife photo! Travel into the thickened forest for a glimpse of a deer or bullmoose, or even a bear with her cubs.

Or test your patience and try to capture a fish mid-air as it leaps for an insect. There’s a feast for your eyes here! And it includes the brilliant wild flowers that thrive at this high elevation: bright orange tiger lilies, perfectly formed venus’ slippers, Indian paintbrush, and hillsides covered with purple arctic lupine and fuschia wild roses!

Nature at it’s best!!!

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